What is Image Medicine

What is Image Medicine?

Scientifically speaking this is new type of medicine and healing, emerging from all the types of medicine, such as,- Official Western (Modern) medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine and its roots and types, non traditional or supplementary medicine (herbal, homeopathic medicine, diet, etc.) and its own methods of Image healing and diagnostics.

  Image medicine diagnoses and targets the cause of the disease, using not only physical methods of diagnostics and healings but other methods beyond average methodology to establish cause.

Image medicine is extremely successful in finding and removing cause of any disease engaging body abilities to fight and recover with no side effects.

Most of the diseases disappear by it-self when cause no longer exists.

That is why it is the most successful way of healing in terms of results.

Image therapy also uses all kinds of medical achievements and researches. Using life model based on Energy, Informational and Physical components Image therapy uses surgical or drug related methods if necessarily for successful recovery.

Further, similar type of medicine was lost centuries ago and used in Bien Que (pronouns: bien chue) medical School, creator of pulse diagnostic used in Traditional Chinese Medicine world wide.*

*Important classic is the Nanjing, or Classic of Difficult Issues which is also referred to as Huangdi bashiyi nanjing, or the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of the Eighty-one Difficult Issues. According to the medical tradition starting from the Shiji (91 BC), this book is a work of Bien Que, a physician who is supposed to have flourished sometime between the sixth and third centuries B.C Later, the Nanjing was added to the Yellow Emperor tradition and was assigned to the Yellow Emperor himself. Until very recently, the Nanjing was thought to be a commentary to the Huangdi neijing, elaborating on certain obscure passages and issues from it. The difficult issues, however, despite their apparent similarity, cannot be found in the Huangdi neijing; in many cases they in fact do shed light on obscure parts of the Huangdi neijing, but this is due to the fact that the Nanjing explains medical theory and practice in a much more clear and lucid way than the Huangdi neijing.

The only current developer and researcher of old Bien Que School is Professor Xu Mingtang and his institute Kundawell in Beijing China and USA .

Now, Image Therapy named as IMAGE MEDICINE. (Graduate doctor called Image therapist). Traditional Chinese Medicine associations are seriously looking into incorporation and development with Kundawell success and research.

Due to enormous success in healing, Image medicine is becoming increasingly popular around the world and in China as well.

Student and healers around the world rush to be accepted to Kundawell research institute on 2 month, 1 year and 4 year programs.

Government officials of many countries pay more attention to this type of medicine and its methods of healing. Welcome graduates and specialists in this area.

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What is the difference and why this is better?

The LIFE MODEL consists with logical 3 components: Substance (body/chemistry), ENERGY (vitality/types of energy inside the body) and INFORMATION (spirit or conscience).

Changing or influencing one or multiple of above said components will make definite impact on life itself and/or its quality. No other type of medicine able to successfully establish and eliminate the cause of the disease, and recover in very short time

Research showed that lots of chronic problems are successfully healed in a short period of time. Many diseases after unsuccessful treatment with average system got 99% recovery with image medicine methodology.

Diseases that can not be found in medical practice or can not be diagnosed are also healed.


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