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About Qigong

Qigong is ancient Chinese discipline. (pronounced ‘chee-gong’) is commonly translated as ‘work with energy’ but it is far more than that.

For centuries Qigong is used as a stress management tool and healing modality in many countries.

Qigong incorporate knowledge of Chinese medicine (TCM), Fengshui, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Chinese Martial Arts and Tai Chi.

Also well known that Qigong is the most powerful and true working tool in physical, spiritual development of human being and can be used in every day life.

This simple meditation based energy practice combines gentle movement, breath, and mindful awareness to activate, store and focus energy or Qi. This energy can be utilized immediately for self-healing and healing others.

ZY Qigong is a simple science of life.

Well known that Life incorporate 3 important part .

Physical part - which is our body with ,bones, blood , all other substances it made from.

Information part -our conscious ,soul, sprit, DNA

Energy part- different energy types that we know very little about.

To learn about life- we research and learn those 3 parts 

ZY Qigong and Image Medicine is used to help to cure diseases, boost immune system, help regeneration process, prolong life and more. Students experience the natural unfolding and integration of the physical, energy and spiritual anatomies.

ZY Qigong is working in conjunction with normal traditional medicine helping restore health and propagating healthy life style. 

Astonishing results in healing, just like a miracles, sometimes even scare medical doctors. They are afraid because can not scientifically proof why patient is healed and no symptoms present. All unknown are usually cause feeling of being scared.

Zhong Yuan Qigong (ZY Qigong) is practiced by over 100,000 people worldwide.

For those looking to improve health, relieve stress or develop their spirit, those experiencing spiritual emergence or emergency, this time tested practice has much to offer.

What We Do

We are offering teaching and educational program for all Canadians from the age of 10 to 150.

Carefully modified so that all people can learn and benefit from Qigong in their life.   Also we maintain data base of registered ZY Qigong instructors and healers for statistics ,control  and references in Canada. Insured


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Dear friends!
Welcome to join meditation for the peace in Ukraine!

Today and tomorrow, 4th and 5th March from 20.00 to 21.00 (Moscow time) Grandmaster Xu Mingtang welcomes all ZYQ practitioners to join meditation, to pray together for the peace in Ukraine.
We will read together mantra “Ya ima sde sde hung, Ukraine is in peace”.